Integrate 360MatchPro with Givecloud to Raise More Matching Gift Revenue

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Givecloud + Double the Donation Integration Benefits

Skip the IT work with easy API key integration activation in a matter of seconds

Set your settings your way with 360MatchPro’s form-level customization 

Educate and engage donors during the donation process with 360MatchPro’s matching gift plugins

Double the Donation + Givecloud: We’re Better Together

“In a world where so many vendors make empty promises about increasing fundraising, it’s great have a partner like Double the Donation that moves the needle for our nonprofits in a very practical way.”

Josh Bloomfield

CEO, Givecloud

Capture More Matching Gift Dollars with 360MatchPro’s Search Tool

Integration is quick and easy to complete. Once it’s live, your donor can quickly check their matching gift status on the donation form. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Donor completes donation
  2. Donor is prompted to check match gift eligibility
  3. Donor enters company name 
  4. Eligibility is confirmed 

Test Payment Information

Credit card number: 4111 1111 1111 1111

CVC: 123

Expiration date: 03/27